That the GR8 magazine has already earned its plumes in the car sector is undeniable.

But unfortunately, through this magazine, we cannot yet make sure that you can sniff the smell of the car, hear the throbbing sound of the engine, can subject the rims to a critical glance or hear the unique story of the owner,…

For that reason, we thought it was high time to launch a new event: GR8 INTERNATIONAL CAR SHOW, the most complete car show in Belgium.

We chose purposefully for a very wide range: oldtimers, clubs, Dreamcars & collector cars, sales new and second hand cars, tuned cars, carp doctor and a swap meet.

As a car lover you always have a preference, but admit, beautiful cars from any segment, can always be enchanted.

Come and get inspiration from this fair, make new contacts, buy unique pieces and just enjoy all the beauty that the car sector offers us!


Please until then!


The GR8 – I.C.S. team